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Equipment Rental Policies

A valid Louisiana Drivers License and 2 working phone numbers is required for all rentals. If renting a trailer package - proof of Insurance is required.


Rental Rates are based on daily rentals. Longer term rates available upon request.
Reservations for all rentals require a 50% deposit  at the time of reservation. The only way to secure your reservation is to come in and make a payment and secure a contract. Deposits will be applied to the total rental billing at the time of pick-up. Cancellations less than 72 hours prior to rental time will result in a forfeit of deposit. “No-shows” will also result in a forfeit of deposit.

The person responsible for renting equipment must sign rental contract for the equipment.

Replacement or repair charges will be assessed on any equipment lost or damaged by the customer.
Please report any issues you may experience in using any rented equipment immediately.

Delivery and Pick-Up

Delivery of equipment is available upon request. Please call to discuss delivery charges to your specific location.

Cleaning Fees

Equipment is sent out clean and is to be returned clean. A cleaning deposit  may be collected at the time of rental and refunded upon the return and clean inspection of equipment.

Do's/ Don'ts

Crawfish Boil Rentals is not to be held responsible and will not be held liable and will be held harmless in the unlikely event of any fire or burns (both fire and water burns) you may possibly sustain while using our equipment. This includes property damage also. Customer is assuming all (assumed or implied) risk involved with using our equipment once rented and it leaves our presence. It is understood that Crawfish Boil Rentals, LLC is not being employed to conduct your boil. 

**ALL burners should be set up a safe distance from any building or object and used over a flat dry clean surface such as a cement driveway or parking lot. 

**Crawfish Boil Rentals rents boiling equipment for shellfish and vegetables only. We do not rent our boilers for frying. Our boilers/burners are never to be used for frying.

Equipment Return

Crawfish Boil Rentals will inspect equipment prior to all rentals. All equipment must be returned in same working and clean manner as it left when initially rented. You are responsible and agree to replacement/repair of equipment if damaged or lost or stolen while in your possession. 

Returns must occur within the specified or agreed time of rental or additional fees shall apply.

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